Friday, February 27, 2009

I love it in the city when the air is so thick and opaque.

Recently I have found myself watching The City for one thing: Erin Lucas. Her bangs, sense of style and adorable demeanor intrigued me and I simply have not been able to break her spell. It has gotten to the point where I wish Whiney Port would go on vacation so they can simply follow Erin all day instead.

Whitney, I hear Paris calling - and this time they won't allow

Should I go as far to call it a girl crush. You Betcha.

After doing some research I found that she is the daughter of Cliff Williams of AC/DC... I think I am in love.

Most bloggers hate her, then again, most people hate the things I am most obsessed with;REO Speedwagon, Talking Heads and Jumpers. duh.


I love you Jack Rogers.....

Thursday, February 26, 2009

When the going gets weird... the weird turn pro.

H.S.T 1937 - 2006

Four years ago, the world lost an innovative, fierce, life altering journalist. Hunter S. Thompson, the father of Gonzo Journalism, who ended his life on February 20th, 2005 was in the business of being himself; which sometimes came at a high cost. A suicide note addressed to his wife, Anita Thompson, pointedly touched on not only his last hour of his existence, but his dedication to avoid, at all costs, any semblance of normalcy in his life.

Football Season is Over...

"No More Games. No More Bombs. No More Walking. No More Fun. No More Swimming. 67. That is 17 years past 50. 17 more than I needed or wanted. Boring. I am always bitchy. No Fun -- for anybody. 67. You are getting Greedy. Act your old age. Relax -- This won't hurt."

Thank you Hunter - I am sure you are causing chaos in an vicously overcrowded version of Pheonix.

watercolor on stretched canvas: etsy user Bellasmiles

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Something Blue.......

I have found the perfect thing to give to Josh as a gift on our wedding day. . .

Thank you, Thank You, Thank you to Etsy seller HollySew for your genius embroidery and love of all things Dylan.

hair is the best accessory.

Spring Hair Color Time! This year I am making a BIG change.

Mac vs PC

Call it clever marketing, or the fact that Apple has a 5 year strategic plan that includes taking over the world, but I am drawn to the Mac Book. There is something about its fantastic design and amazing capabilities that makes me want to run out and purchase one for myself. What gives me pause as well as confuses the hell out of my is why?

For most of my life, I have been a PC user. Sure in middle school - Macintoshes were it, but after exiting the hallowed halls of Green Acres School I promptly alligned myself with the PC, a Toshiba to be exact, and never looked back. They ruled the working world, colleges and your local Best Buy until about 9 years ago when Mac made its colorful and and immaculate return.

Now, the graphic design capabilities of the Mac far exceed those offered by PC. I have heard arguments that both have fantastic design components, but every single design professional I have spoken with would rather have each of their fingers severed at the knuckle with a rusty knife then hand over their Mac (pun totally intended).

The focus for any graphic designer is the handling of graphics, color and type, ability of software and ease of use. The beauty of Mac is that, as it has always been the designers computer, they have made significant effort to continuously improve the graphics, color and type. This is a major factor in my decision because I want to be able to do EXACTLY what I need to do with my designs with as little headache as possible. There is nothing worse - in business or the arts - then not getting exactly what you want in regards to a something you produce. I have spent countless nights, tossing and turning, trying to figure out how to utilize Publisher (yuck) so I can create on paper what I have envisioned in my head. This can also be chalked up to "user error" but I honestly want to eliminate that factor all together. One other important component for me is font capabilities. I am a typeface geek, in fact, I wish that my own handwriting was modeled after the rubber stamp. Mac wins in regards to the font abilities. All of these factors point to one obvious conclusion - Mac.

At least I did not come to this conclusion because of the mac vs pc marketing. If that was the case I would really feel like a sucker.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All I Want For Spring Time is....

A Tangerine Cocktail dress...

It is all summed up in a Talking Heads Song....

Lately I have been having a crisis of sorts. I simply don't enjoy my job as much as I did. I am never one to think that the world owes me a well paid, exciting and creative job like most people my age, but I also want to at least be happy 80% of the work week; that is simply not happening with my current position. I work long hours, deal with rejection on a daily basis, and constatly have my work under the microscope by every single member of my organization because I am in charge (with two other people) of funding the whole she-bang. It gets to be too much. Also, recently, one of my donors that I visited all the time passed away. I went to the visitation, hugged her husband, met her extended family, and went home... all in a days work.

I have spent weeks/years/since I graduated from college trying to decide when I want to go back to school. There was never an "if" about it - I am going to get my masters. It would be adventageous of me career wise, and personally I would really feel a huge sense of accomplishment. The one issue - I have no idea WHAT I want to go back to school for. Recently, I have been able to narrow it down to two possibilities:

1. Art history

2. Graphic Design

(At least I have developed a common theme).

So... on this road to realization, I was listening (as I sometimes do in times of confusion and doubt) to Talkings Heads album "More Songs About Building and Food" and found myself singing at the top of my lungs, "Found a Job" It was almost as if the clouds parted and I found my path.....

Thank you Talking Heads.

I have included the lyrics below - I hope they speak to you as well..........

"Damn that television ... what a bad picture!"

"Don't get upset, it's not a major disaster."

"There's nothing on tonight," he said, "I don't know what's the matter!"

"Nothing's ever on", she said, "so ... I don't know why you bother."

We've heard this little scene, we've heard it many times.

People fighting over little things, and wasting precious time.

They might be better off ... I think ... the way it seems to me.

Making up their own shows, which might be better than T.V.

Judy's in the bedroom, inventing situations.

Bob is on the street today, scouting up locations.

They've enlisted all their family.

They've enlisted all their friends.

It helped saved their relationship,

And made it work again ...

Their show gets real high ratings, they think they have a hit.

There might even be a spinoff, but they're not sure 'bout that.

If they ever watch T.V. again, it'd be too soon for them.

Bob never yells about the picture now, he's having too much fun.

Judy's in the bedroom, inventing situations,

Bob is on the street today, he's scouting up locations.

They've enlisted all their family. They've enlisted all their friends.

It helped save their relationship, And made it work again ...

So think about this little scene; apply it to you life.

If your work isn't what you love, then something isn't right.

Just look at Bob and Judy; they're happy as can be,

Inventing situations, putting them on T.V.

Judy's in the bedroom, inventing situations.

Bob is on the street today, he's having a vacation.

They've enlisting all their family.They've enlisted all their friends.

It helped save the relationship, And made it work again ...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh My God... Its Techno Music.....

I think last night I came to grips with the full brunt of my akwardness. It was a sad scene in which I kept breaking into inappropriate spontaneous dance, in the middle of a "swanky" bar.
Not that there is anything wrong with dancing, just that there is something terribly wrong with my dancing. Close your eyes and imagine the worst dancer you have ever seen. Hold on to the image and then combine their labored heavy steps with the frightening guy from the six flags commerical...
Add Image
wa-la, there I am.
This would simply not be an issue if I did not like to dance, but I love it. Does anyone have a copy of Dancing for Dummies on DVD?
I need help.

Friday, February 6, 2009

why on friday?

I am leaving work now to go to the DMV. I could not think of a better way to spend my afternoon, except possibly getting waterboarded by my grandmother in the Artic. I hate the DMV so much that the very thought of going today makes me want to claw my own eyes out. Luckily, I have filled out their form - which I hope is the right one, although I have a feeling that as soon as I get through the hour long line I will be forced to stand in they will politely inform me that I have the wrong paperwork and that I will need to step out of line to fill out the right one. This news will most likely be broken to me by a person in a poorly fitting uniform that looks like she wants to castrate my first born. Once I finish with that I will be forced to take a number, like at the deli counter at my local grocery store, and wait patiently - hoping the guy's next to me body odor does not rub off on me. Does he not smell the BO NOR the pungent aroma of onions that is permeating from his pores? Then, they will call my name and I am required to take a picture that I will be forced to carry around with me for the next six years and display to every clerk, bouncer, and potential employer in the tri-state area. No doubt, because of the pressure this fact puts in me I will sneeze or have something hanging out of my nose at the exact time the flash goes off. Not to complain, my last picture made me look like a serial killer, so any picture would be better.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Add more Oil to you Car.. the Kait Method

Step 1: Put on your snazziest outfit - stilettos required
Step 2: Go to the gas station and purchase oil.
Step 3: Walk out to Car, open hood and stare.
Step 4: Call your dad.
Step 5: Listen intently to his instructions.
Step 6: Hang up the phone and stare some more.
Step 7: Locate the oil cap.
Step 8: Open the oil cap.
Step 9:Curse the fact you did not purchase a funnel.
Step 10: Pour the oil in carefully.
Step 11: Come to terms with the fact that the only liquid you are good at pouring nicely is cocktails and skim milk.
Step 12: Pray that all the oil you dumped over under the hood of your car and NOT in the oil recepticle does not catch fire.
Step 13: Put Speed-Dee on speed dial because this is the LAST TIME you try to add oil to your car.

Dearest Melia....

Sorry for being an unintentional jerk. Sadly, it is one of the things I am good at. After reading your blog, I realized that mine was waaaaay more boring than yours. So, I followed this logic model:

Melia thinks her blog is boring.
Kaits blog is infinately more boring than Melia's

Therefore: Kait's blog is boring. Way Boring.


Sloppy Kisses and Cheap Chardonay Dreams,

ps. Melia - you are a bitch - duh.

Melia's right....

My blog is booooooooooring.

In fact, it is so boring it makes me judge myself poorly.

So what am I going to do?

Ding dong.....

Try a new approach.

Where do I start? Mabe with my most recent google images find....

Google Search: canadian tuxedo

Ok ... not much better.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Spring Clothing... please.

This evening I was searching far and wide for the Faryl Robin Omni Riding Boot on sale... I found them, unfortunately though not in my size. I contemplated spending my whole evening searching until I found them but instead I wanted to spend my time more wisely, and start my search for the perfect spring sandals.

I am the type of person that would wear sandals all year long if the weather allowed. I actually contemplated moving to Miami just so I would not have to forgo summer footwear for an extended period of time. Luckily, in Virginia, you can normally start wearing spring footwear in early April - sometimes March if we are lucky. You know what that means? Starting my spring footwear shopping early and I have already found two perfect candidates on - purchase potential to the max.

Now, I was introduced to Faryl Robin by a friend who was seemingly always on the search for the perfect riding boot. When I met her for dinner one night to enjoy wine and cheese, I ended up simply intoxicated by her boots - the Omni. Since then, I have always associated this particular company with boots. Simple right? Nope.

Image: Faryl Robin - Dee Testa Di Moro.

They have a huge line of high heels, sandals, and stylish

wedge boots. Normally they are an investment piece for me, like the Tory Burch Reva Flats I purchased two years ago and still wear constantly, but through overstock, I realized I could "stock up this summer - the pun was totally intended.

Throughout this post are a few pairs that I have discovered through my aimless meandering around the Internet... opinions are greatly appreciated.

Faryl Robin Wistful Marlboro

Faryl Robin Betty Apricot

Faryl Robin Wendy Como

This is just the start too as that was the first site I have visited. I have actually been avoiding piperlime until a it gets warmer for fear that I will go broke simply buying shoes and have nothing to wear clothing wise. I don't think my work would take too kindly if I showed up naked, no matter how FABULOUS my shoes were.