Monday, June 15, 2009


My adorable, obnoxious, endearing cat.

I promise to get back to fashion/music/culture & design tomorrow.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

i heart.......

This morning I woke up bright in early to the familiar sounds of sirens, birds, and horns; the sounds of home. If you could tell I am not in Smalltown VA, but in the Mt. Pleasant section of the District of Columbia. I made some Cream of Wheat, cracked open a Diet Coke and took to the back porch where I happily watched several birds chat on tangle of telephone lines above the alley. I don't know what it is about this city - but I am so energized every time I am here - it is almost like when I come home, I am allowed to simply hit the "reboot" button on my life.

I "heart" DC

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

back. news. whatnot.

I'm baaaaaaack........

After a long hiatus, I am blogging again. Just to bring all three of my readers up to speed several things have happened in my life that have made it fairly impossible to blog:

1. MY computer died. I just purchased a new one for a whopping $300 smacaroo's. (sweet deal eh ?)

2. I did in fact lose my job.

At first I was shocked and horrified. I cried, drank vodka and smoked a pack of cigs - then I miraculously got over it. It was almost like a breakup.

First, I remembered all the good times we had together, creating campaign materials, raising those big dollar gifts, and planning special events. Then the anger about how I was treated poorly started to creep in and I remembered how several of the ladies (lets call them BFB's) seemed to be out to extinguish every flame of passion for the job. On top of that there was the long hours, low pay and most importantly the fact that no matter how fantastic my events and materials turned out, or how much money it raised, there was always someone, again from the BFB group that threw a wet blanket on it. As much uncertainty as I feel, I am much happier and healthier. My future, for the first time in a long while, feels wide open and I can't wait to discover my next perfect endeavor.

So on with the show .... that is the last time you will hear about my old job (or the BFB's) for it is like a bad ex-boyfriend - a distance and unpleasant memory.