Tuesday, April 21, 2009

wedding bands

So I have been on the hunt for unusual wedding bands. I have a very traditional engagement ring and want to shake it up a bit with the wedding band. I have been looking on etsy alot recently and stumbled upon this beautiful set from etsy seller singleBBeautiful.

The men's band is a simple silver band - exactly what Josh and I discussed for him. The women's set on the other hand is EXACTLY what I have been looking for - A silver 5 mm AA grade WHITE SAPPHIRE paired with a 2mm silver wedding band. Sapphires traditionally signify truth, faithfulness and sincerity which is perfect for a wedding band set. If you are getting married, I would suggest checking out their wedding site, it is chock full of fantastic handmade one of a kind goods.
I just emailed the picture to Josh... so lets see what comes of it.

Cherry Blossom

There is one MAJOR thing (aside from International Fare galore & Hooka Bars) I miss about DC after living in Roanoke - Cherry Blossoms. I know it might sound weird, but as a child I remember spending breezy weekends dancing in their falling petals.

Thank you Japan for this beautiful gift.


I have been out of commission the last couple days because of I contracted pink eye. Nothing makes you feel like a 5 year old like conjucntivitus. It drove me crazy having my finace swat at my hand and tell me to "stop touching it... ". The worst thing is, I think I got it from a cat.

On the bright side though my eyes have never looked greener.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Trever.... this one is for you

Giles & Brothers has launched a online shopping site to take advantage of their preppy/quirky jewelry. I immediately thought of TB when I saw the little gem posted to the left.

The Giles & Brothers Large Anchor Necklace:

Amy Overalls

Always looking for an easy and effective way to be annoyingly stylish for work I stumbled upon a pair of "overalls" on one of my favorite sites Adele (http://www.shopadele.com/). It is by designer Carin Rodebjer. I think paired with a pair of black flats or high rounded pumps and a scarf will make this the perfect "lazy kait" work wear piece.

Here is a little information about her and the companies website: http://www.rodebjer.com/

Carin Rodebjer began producing her own clothes in 1998 while still studying at F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York. All of the pieces were designed and handmade on her living room floor in a Lower East Side apartment. After being spotted on the street wearing her own designs, she started selling at a few high profile stores in New York. Upon returning to her native country of Sweden, Carin Rodebjer started up a fashion design company under her own name: Rodebjer.

During the last five years, Rodebjer has gained a reputation for strong silhouettes, skillful pattern making and taking a fresh new approach to fashion. Almost instantly she struck a note with both the fashion conscious crowd and the more casual-oriented customers, a feat she has been able to pull off ever since, combining wearability and classical elegance with a distinctly modern and youthful sensibility.
Even though each collection has an individual feeling to it, there are some reoccurring themes, drawing inspiration from such diverse places as Swedish national costumes, Parisian bohemians in the twenties and Finnish trash-rockers Hanoi Rocks. There is also an inherent duality to the clothing of Rodebjer. Even when the clothes are at their most romantic, there is still an underlying tone of decadence and darkness. Still, through the eclecticism of the different collections a strong look has been established. You instantly recognize a Rodebjer piece.

Right from the start Rodebjer received a lot of attention in the press, and today the clothes are regularly featured in the trade press and the best fashion magazines all over the world.
Future ambitions of Rodebjer are to continue to produce clothes for people who are interested in design and fashion rather than trends and to encourage people to adapt the clothes to their individual lifestyles.
”I have always admired the classic designers who radiated elegance and dignity and I try to treat both my clothes and my customers in that same way,” Carin Rodebjer explains her vision.
The collection is now available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Spain, USA, Canada, Japan and Singapore

I have a feeling my bank account and Rodebjar are going to become very familiar.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An open letter to my friends..

Dear Rachel and Trever,

Get ready to disown me because I just purchased THIS :


Talk to the feather.

Your best friend forever,

I know I said I would stop spending..

So I know I made a promise that I would stop spending money but I couldn't help myself when an email popped up in my inbox for and invitation to the www.Ruelala.com French Connection Boutique. The prices were incredible and I could not pass up the opportunity to purchase the perfect high necked ruffle shirt for work. If any of my readers (ok who am I kidding.. Rachel) would like an invite to Ruelala.com please let me know but I warn you... it WILL drain your bank account.

thank you MRF

Thanks to the fantastic music blog MRG (http://www.minneapolisfuckingrocks.blogspot.com/) I have discovered that David Byrne has his own radio station through his website

If you have not checked out his website and are a Talking Heads fan it is well worth the time it takes to peruse the site. There are photos, art, music, journals, etc - a virtual snapshot of the wired and wonderful person that David Byrne is.

Below is a work of art by the man himself - the term bizarre does it no justice.

Ecstasy -1997
David Byrne

Monday, April 13, 2009

spring headband?

I am going to purchase some bold "headwear" for my summer wardrobe.....

Whimsy here I come.

Francoise Hardy

Now I must admit that I have never heard of Francoise before today. I might be able to blame it on my American upbrining and the fact that I grew up listening to a lot of folk songs by Joni Mitchell and classic rock by the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Van Morrison; honestly my parents I don't think were really into the French Music scene.So after seeing this fantastic posting about her on www.garancedore.fr immediately in love. As a huge Carla Bruni fan, I was mesmorized by not only her hauntingly beautiful music but the grainy videos of her from you-tube. After doing more research I have found that she is truely a icon in music, fashion and style.

MOMA.... ipod edition

For all you art lovers out there - MOMA - The Modern Museum of Art in New York offers Audio through their website available for download as well as an entire "store" on Itunes.
All of their lectures, special exhibit audio, etc are free - which is fan-tastic!
Also, while we are on the subject Itunes - Itunes has something called ITunesU which boasts a huge library of free downloads in a variety of subjects including languages, art history, literature, and humanities. It is a wonderful thing to download and have on hand for a long road trip or a wait in the doctors office.
This is the link to the MOMA Multimedia Site:
Enjoy friends.

music mondays....

I (HEART) Music.....
So I have decided that every Monday will be music Monday. This week I am simply going to list the discs that I plan to pick up in the near future. Normally, I try to buy music fairly regularly, but because of all the traveling and wedding stuff I have been unable to purchase music for at least a month. Here is my running list (yes I keep a notebook) of music I plan on purchasing in the near future.

Brian Eno/David Byrne - 'Everything That Happens Will Happen Today'
Black Keys - 'Attack & Release'
Kimya Dawson & Antsy Pants
Siguer Rose - 'Inni Mer Syngur Viteysingur'
Flight of the Conchords - (everything I hear "Business Time" I pee my pants a bit)
Jenny Lewis - Acid Tobue
Bon Iver - For Emma
Black Kids - Wizard of AHHHS (smart eh?)
Kim Stansias Giani
Barth - 'Cuchillo'
John & Jehn - 'John & Jehn'
Underground Railroad - 'Sticks and Stones'
M83 - 'Saturdays = Youth'
Syd Matters - 'Ghost Days'
Papier Tigre - 'The Beginning and End of Now'
The Do - 'A Mouthful'
Minitel Rose - 'The French Machine'
Tahiti 80 - 'Activity Center'

* The above discs highlighted in red were the top French discs of 2008. If you have not checked out the french music scene I would highly recommend it. I would ALSO suggest checking out the Canadian Indie Music Scene. I discovered one of my most favorite bands in the world while reading the FANTASTIC blog I (heart) music - http://www.iheartmusic.net/ : Born Ruffians.

I will most likely get all these albums, shut myself up in my house for a weekend, drink lots of wine and dance around to each and every song.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I almost forgot...

One more IMPORTANT inspiration....

What inspires me.. right now.

Window Boxes
French Blue Patterned China.

French Tulips in full bloom.

Dress forms.
Vintage Type Writers

Vintage Tea Tins
Marni Statement Necklaces

Amy Butler French Wallpaper

Container Gardens.

Anything on apartmenttherapy.com
The novel Jane Eyre.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Reason number 373 why I might have a mental break down.

So I spent the first hour of my work day crying. It was a sad and depressing sight and I totally broke my "don't let them see you sweat rule". Luckily, the break down happened in private but my face looked like hell for the next hour and I think I had a large booger in my left nostril.
After my breakdown occured though I realized that something has got to give. I am not half as busy as most of my friends but I lack the basic skill of stress and time management.
Instead of hashing everything out, I am just going to ride it out and set some rules for dealing with all that is going on.
1. I am NOT going to let anything get in the way of my fitness routine - I need some kind of stress release. I am also going to nourish my body with healthy food and not fall into the trap of eating whatever is easiest.
2. Since money is tight I need to get a second job. With 4 weddings, showers galore (including a baby shower) and a wedding of my own I need extra income - I refuse to max out my credit card.
3. I need to make work my biggest priority. With staff cuts and the need for us to bring in more income then ever before in one of the worst economic climates I need to devote everything I can to be productive, successful, and do "less with more".
4. I need to remember to have fun.
5. I need to take time alone for myself everyday - reading, writing, crafting, cooking or creating.
6. I need to be very coherent of everything that is expected of me - personally and professionally - and make sure I am getting everything done in a timely manner. If not, I will have a mental breakdown from the guilt.
Hopefully with these rules guiding my life, I can usher in a new era of saneness.