Tuesday, April 21, 2009

wedding bands

So I have been on the hunt for unusual wedding bands. I have a very traditional engagement ring and want to shake it up a bit with the wedding band. I have been looking on etsy alot recently and stumbled upon this beautiful set from etsy seller singleBBeautiful.

The men's band is a simple silver band - exactly what Josh and I discussed for him. The women's set on the other hand is EXACTLY what I have been looking for - A silver 5 mm AA grade WHITE SAPPHIRE paired with a 2mm silver wedding band. Sapphires traditionally signify truth, faithfulness and sincerity which is perfect for a wedding band set. If you are getting married, I would suggest checking out their wedding site, it is chock full of fantastic handmade one of a kind goods.
I just emailed the picture to Josh... so lets see what comes of it.


Melia said...

I think it looks perfectly you!! And that band for Josh looks great! I love the width of it. Very nice find!

Desperately Seeking Seersucker said...

Sooooo....what did he say?

Aaaannnnddd....you are going to wear two stones on one finger? You are so bling! I love you :)