Sunday, January 31, 2010

One more request

My best friend is finishing her Masters Thesis for her Masters in Marketing from Johns Hopkins University. She needs YOUR help! Please fill out the survey below.

Thanks a million times over!


I have gotten my life a bit back on track and I am going to start blogging again Tomorrow!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

to enjoy while I am away...

Favorite songs will still aboud...

(ps. I love French Music... I WILL devote an entire 300 posts to my favorite artists)

This is an AMAZING SONG in a hipster kind of way...

(people at work think I look like Regina. To them I say... Thank you. The most amazing compliment eeeee.vvvvvv.eeeee.rrrrrr.*

* check out everything that Regina has done. While you are at it..check out Sami Akbari.

ps. introducing... Sami Akbari... becoming her is my New Years Resolution (ps. she when to Roanoke College)

Another one of my New Years Resolutions... Play this song acoustic and sing at an open mic night.

My theme...

If you have no fear of the underdog.. you will not survive :-)

And to that I say GOOD DAY!


My new year beings AFTER the HONEY/lived together forever-moon.


seriously. a new life


A new me will emerge. happy, tan and totally balanced.

thank god.

my "out of sortness" will disappear. I will be .....

who knows...

but I will be


Saturday, January 2, 2010