Thursday, March 24, 2011

Peach filled dreams...

So I have been on the hunt for the perfect silk shirt. Much to my displeasure, the only shirt that satisfies my idea of the perfectly placed silk shirt is one by Equipment.

That is right... the only shirt I truly like is almost $200.

Which, BTW, makes me incredibly mad.

Here is it... in all its glory...

So what should I accesorize this bad boy with?

My new found love for curb bracelets and friendship bracelet "floss".


Ok, so I love making friendship bracelets... I am wearing a poorly made one now. As my co-worker so aptly put it...

"It looks like a third grader tried to strangle a cricket with colorful thread and it ended up as a knot on your wrist..."

Which means:

Tonight, I am going to drink beer and make another. I am thinking blue, green and peach. MK and DSS might want to watch out... because I might be slinging a bracelet or two your way. I expect you to wear then daily and if not... I will be so insulted that we can no longer be friends.

(as if).

What am I listening to?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

One more thing...

Looking over my blog I realized that I have not posted any fashion related posts in awhile.

I promise to do that more.

Cross my Heart and Hope to die.


Mash-Up Saturday.

I woke up this morning after a fantastic night out with friends (both new and old) in the mood to cuddle up, watch some bad television and read the New York Times Magazine on my Blackberry.

And thank goodness I did.

I found an article on Jacob Krupnick and the amazing film he is creating. Rooting from a freelance promo video for a footwear show, which casting was posted on Craigslist with the promise of pizza as payment, he found Anne Marsen.

Anne is a dancer. A righteous, epic dancer.

Because of this, Krupnick thought she would be the perfect person for his next project - a homage to the mash-up. Using the entire "All Day" album by Girl Talk (download immediately - you have no excuse it is available FREE on GT's website )
Anne danced her way through New York. After much editing Krupnick posted an 8 minute promo video in order to raise money for the entire project. The video "Girl Walk // All Day" gained followers at an astounding rate and within 6 days, using, Krupnick was able to raise $14,000 for the project.

I have included the "Girl Walk // All Day" video below for your viewing pleasure as well as a link to the original article


ps. You can still back the project on I did. A $50.00 donation got me not only the satisfaction of supporting an awesome project but also pretty sweet perks like this ..

Receive a limited edition poster (image coming soon!) + "Associate Producer" credits in the film and on the website + DVD + 1 invite to the opening + project updates.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

If you liked it then you should have put a bird on it...

I have been watching a lot of Portlandia lately and let me tell you... I LOVE IT.

Here is a favorite.. also, seriously, if you liked it then you should have put a bird on it.

Now.. what am I listening too? Something weird. Possibly.