Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Well... Hellllllo

I already have two pairs of eyeglasses that I wear around town. I rarely wear contacts during the week (although I should change that habit) so I need something that is really going to spice up my wardrobe. One of my fashion muses is Brad from the Rachel Zoe Project (Don't judge me) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE his glasses. Unfortunately, I can't shell out the $900,000 it would take for me to purchase these so I am looking for a cheaper alternative. In order to do so, I did a little research and realized that not only does Ray Ban make Wayfarer SUNGLASSES but ALSO eyeglass frames. I started stalking around the interweb and found the PERFECT pair; I might even get them in two colors.

Yellow Havana


Oh and just for kicks, I want these.....

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