Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dream Job?

Anytime I have a crisis of identity I blame it on my career choices. Currently, I am in a job that I am not that thrilled about. That being said - I am simply lucky to have a job. 8 months ago I was laid off my job as a non-profit fundraiser. I worked my little tail off for the organization and had many many big successes. Unfortunately the reality about non-profits is that when the going gets tough - the development department should start packing. Myself as well as my boss lost our jobs as they ruthlessly gutted our department. I look back on that and think that while devastating it was a wonderful thing. Like most people I started my job search with fervor and applied to any and all jobs that were available. As health care is a growing industry OF COURSE a GIANT health care company in my area was hiring and I was graciously offered a job as a sales professional. I enjoy some of what I do but other things drive me up a wall. I don't want to disparage the likes of this company, as they offered me a job in one of the worst economic times our country has ever experienced but it really is not ME. So now instead of starting a full blown job search AGAIN, I am taking my time. I am learning what I can at my current job, making the best of it (even though I found myself crying in the bathroom during my lunch break the other day) and doing a lot of soul searching.

What do I want to do?

Many many man ideas of crossed my mind. The thing is I don't want to approach this haphazardly like I have done in the past. I don't want to run directly to graduate school because it is a safe haven and in fact, I want to end this cycle of finding jobs I HATE and finally find one I love. Throughout high school I though I wanted to be a writer, then a doctor (very short lived), then in college - a lobbyist. I got my degree in political science and then... everything changed. I hated Washington and what it stood for. I found the pandering between politicians to be completely maddening. I honestly HATED all that I had worked for. It was disheartening and I simply wanted to give up. I felt completely lost and without direction and to this day I feel the same way. Now that I have told you what I hate... here is what I love:

1. Fashion
2. Design
3. Writing
4. Music
5. Art
6. Public Radio
7. Public Health (odd yes, but would explain my utter fascination with Zombies)
8. Reading
9. Teaching
10. Talking
11. Politics (I know... I know... time heals all wounds)

I have been watching a lot of Kell on Earth and I think I would like to work for her. Public relations particularly in the fashion industry to my utter dream. I know I need to me more realistic - but honestly it is hard to let it go. While I teeter on the edge between my 20 and 30's I need a plan and I need it quick. I need to discover my dream and then make it happen. So wish me luck. Maybe I will end up in New York some day or maybe I will be studying disease outbreak at a Health Department near you. Either way I want to feel passion for what I do - not just an empty dissatisfied feeling like I have eaten way too many carbs.


DSS said...

Let me begin by saying that I really do respect Kelly. HOWEVER, working for her? Sheesh. I think she would make me cry :(

mrs.mfc said...

I don't know how hard it would be to work for her if you actually do a good job.... those stupid sluts that work for her can't do anything right. The most simple things seem so difficult to them!

Kait said...

I know right.. seriously - you can't export a spread sheet correctly?

mrs.mfc said...

Or print a freaking label with a name and company on it to put on a gift bag? And who can't wrap things in tissue paper and put them in a bag neatly?! GAH!!!

Boomka said...

Eek I too hate my job and I AM a nonprofit fundraiser. But I have told myself that I am going to be positive and optimistic and my attitude alone will bust me from this mundane jobby job. I will excel like a knight on a fast horse... or... something like that. But I do know how you feel, identifying or not with your job can be amazing. It blows my mind how spending 8 hours in a place makes you become that place.