Sunday, February 7, 2010

Warning, Saks Fifth Avenue Will Drain Your Wallet (and your soul)

Ok, so Saks won't drain your soul; I was being incredibly over dramatic. It will though, drain your wallet. I have decided that in 2010 I am going to focus on improving my financial situation through some creative budgeting, commitment to putting something in my savings account every week and NOT BUYING CLOTHING on a whim like every year since I have been shopping for myself. My obsession with internet shopping has not helped me, and today, when I logged onto the Saks site I found this...

The PERFECT coral cocktail ring by Yves Saint Laurent. It runs about $195.00 I do not plan on whipping out my credit card just yet and in fact, I really want to find a cheaper alternative to YSL.

Maybe THIS will just have to be my treat when I lose all the weight I need to.