Friday, January 16, 2009

S'il vous plaît ....

Tonight I am planning to surprise Josh with a french themed food and wine pairing. He loves Beaujolais and since I love all things French, it will make for a fine evening.

Below I will list the menu (complete with pictures) and hopefully it will be très bien!
First Course: Wine and Cheese Pairing.

Our cheese plate will consist:

Brie: which is a classic pairing for Beaujolais. The creamy, mellow flavor will go beautifully with the wine.

Morbier: A pungent, buttery cheese (yummmmy)

Mimolette: A strong, salty cheese along the lines of cheddar.

Second Course: Tartiflette
Tartiflette is a dish from the Savoie region of France. It is not a traditional french dish, although it incorporates traditional french ingredients. Many Americans would compare this dish to a potato casserole. I am going to use it as the midpoint meal - and serve it in a very small portions, in earthware dishes with french table wine chilled to 55 degrees Farenheit.

Main Course: Les Steak & Haricots Vertes Lyonnise.

Steak prepared in the typical french style with cream, wine, and peppercorn. The Haricots Verts Lyonise is simply Green Beans prepared with lyon style using garlic, red onion, butter, nutmeg, red wine vinegar and parsley.

Josh is a big steak eater, particularly those that I purchase from a local market that are thick cut and fresh. I am a former vegetarian, so I feel completely guilty eating it, although I love the taste.

Dessert: Mousse Spoons with White Chocolate

Yummy mousse on single serving spoons. I served this on NYE and everyone raved about it so I already know this is a hit.

I will let you know how it goes because if it goes well, I plan on tackling the next "big thing".. French Wine Dinners.

Salut Mon Ami.

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Melia said...

First off, Brandon has a tshirt that says "le beaujolais nouveau est arrive" because he sells that! Second, your menu looks tres magnifique! You know I love those mouse spoons with white chocolate!! YUM!