Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sorbet Freak .... 90's Chic?

TopShop... how I love thee. It seems that by a mere wave of their fashion forward hand, they have moved from jewel tones to sorbet. yummy.
There is nothing like a bright orange cocktail dress to shake up a LBD party, brighten up a wedding or remind people that the 1970's is not yet dead.

From Sorbet to 90's Chich ... Top Shop previals. I have been contemplating the acid wash jeans look for some time now, and am completely uncertain if I can pull it off. I went as far as taking a day at Goodwill to pull my large butt into horribly fitting jeans from the late 80's to recreate the runway look and I have yet to be happy. I can't for the life of my figure out if it is the fit or the wash, but I always come out of the dressing room looking like an original member of the Baywatch Cast... all I need now is a "No Fear" t-shirt and a free pair of neon "wayfarers". Will I have to resort this spring? Maybe if I lose the 25 lbs I plan on, they will look great. UGH another "skinny fashion" -awesome....
Until Spring, I will stick with my black, nice slimmmmmmming black.

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