Thursday, February 5, 2009

Add more Oil to you Car.. the Kait Method

Step 1: Put on your snazziest outfit - stilettos required
Step 2: Go to the gas station and purchase oil.
Step 3: Walk out to Car, open hood and stare.
Step 4: Call your dad.
Step 5: Listen intently to his instructions.
Step 6: Hang up the phone and stare some more.
Step 7: Locate the oil cap.
Step 8: Open the oil cap.
Step 9:Curse the fact you did not purchase a funnel.
Step 10: Pour the oil in carefully.
Step 11: Come to terms with the fact that the only liquid you are good at pouring nicely is cocktails and skim milk.
Step 12: Pray that all the oil you dumped over under the hood of your car and NOT in the oil recepticle does not catch fire.
Step 13: Put Speed-Dee on speed dial because this is the LAST TIME you try to add oil to your car.


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let's see if this is really working...