Monday, February 2, 2009

Spring Clothing... please.

This evening I was searching far and wide for the Faryl Robin Omni Riding Boot on sale... I found them, unfortunately though not in my size. I contemplated spending my whole evening searching until I found them but instead I wanted to spend my time more wisely, and start my search for the perfect spring sandals.

I am the type of person that would wear sandals all year long if the weather allowed. I actually contemplated moving to Miami just so I would not have to forgo summer footwear for an extended period of time. Luckily, in Virginia, you can normally start wearing spring footwear in early April - sometimes March if we are lucky. You know what that means? Starting my spring footwear shopping early and I have already found two perfect candidates on - purchase potential to the max.

Now, I was introduced to Faryl Robin by a friend who was seemingly always on the search for the perfect riding boot. When I met her for dinner one night to enjoy wine and cheese, I ended up simply intoxicated by her boots - the Omni. Since then, I have always associated this particular company with boots. Simple right? Nope.

Image: Faryl Robin - Dee Testa Di Moro.

They have a huge line of high heels, sandals, and stylish

wedge boots. Normally they are an investment piece for me, like the Tory Burch Reva Flats I purchased two years ago and still wear constantly, but through overstock, I realized I could "stock up this summer - the pun was totally intended.

Throughout this post are a few pairs that I have discovered through my aimless meandering around the Internet... opinions are greatly appreciated.

Faryl Robin Wistful Marlboro

Faryl Robin Betty Apricot

Faryl Robin Wendy Como

This is just the start too as that was the first site I have visited. I have actually been avoiding piperlime until a it gets warmer for fear that I will go broke simply buying shoes and have nothing to wear clothing wise. I don't think my work would take too kindly if I showed up naked, no matter how FABULOUS my shoes were.

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