Saturday, November 21, 2009

Channeling Mad Men.... Part 1.

So recently, Mr.Wright and I have been watching episode upon episode of Mad Men. Along with the constant cocktails and unadulterated smoking I ADORE the clothing, the decore, the hair and, most importantly, the jewelry. Vintage jewelry has always been on the top of my must have list, but not until J.Crew unveiled their new jewelry line, did I think I could ever afford the pieces. Here are some of the things I am LOVING now....

Baroque brooch bracelet - $55.00

Estate link bracelet - $58.00 (yes more equestrian, but still has that tactile chunky vintage cocktail braclet feel)

Luxe Cocktail Bracelet - $98.00

Crystal fireworks earrings - $55.00

Crystal thornbush earrings - $75.00

Crystal supernova necklace - $128.00

1 comment:

DSS said...

All are absolutely gorgeous!!! Does Mr. Wright read your blog? Might be helpful while he perusing the shops for your Christmas prizes :)