Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just call me Poppy..

Lately, I have been on a spending hiatus. I have not bought any clothing in literally weeks, aside from a Target dress that only cost me $12.80. So, in order to keep myself from going crazy, whipping out a credit card, and going on a spending spree, I look on the internet at the current clothing I want and plot how I will scoop them up as soon as they go on sale.

This method does not always work, but a girl can dream right?

Currently, these are the pieces that I am drooling over.

Candela Over the Knee Boot.

Alexandra Moc.


Native American Necklace. (more to come in another post..)

Simone Cardigan - Tory Burch

MY BFF - lets call her Mrs.DC has it in black - obsession.

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