Friday, November 12, 2010

An Open Letter to Rick Owens...

(Rick Owens Leather Wedge Ankle Boots.. find them here)

Dearest Rick,

First, let me begin this correspondence by expressing my undying love for your genius. From your buttery leather to your beautifully draped turtlenecks you are sheer perfection. I have fallen under your spell Rick, and what a fantastic spell it is. Although, to be completely frank, I am having trouble coming up with the $1,285 required to purchase you leather wedge ankle boots. What do you propose a girl should do? Wear a substandard ankle boot around? Exclaim dramatically that should would just DIE if she could not have some Owens' "all up on her feet"?

Rick, your prompt response would be appreciated in this matter.

I wait with baited breath....


PS. Really? $1285. Sigh.

So now... what is fueling this open letter?

Wine and Music of course.... duh.


DSS said...

I love you Katie Poo, but those are the UGLIEST shoes I have ever seen:(

Anonymous said...

Amazing boots xx

Anonymous said...

Oh and thank you for following :)xx

hannah said...

hahahah this made me smile! i'm right there with you sister. love this post.

and your blog! thanks so much for your sweet comment on fashionhash. flannels are my fall/winter staple.

i'm your newest follower! can't wait for your next post.