Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stylish Sleep...

Sleep: everyone needs it.

When it comes to sleepwear I am in a style rut. The prospect of putting on anything but the usual black leggings and white deep V neck for bed is daunting to me. Now I know that sleepwear for most is the LAST priority but I really want to feel glamorous YET comfortable when sleeping. I know that wanting to feel anything while sleeping aside from warm and safe is the epitome of indulgent behavior but hey, what can I saw... I am a jerk like that.

I know that I am NOT the type to saunter over to my local Victoria's Secret and pick out a frock that will not only require me to tug and pull on it all night but also only look good on Adriana Lima. When I started this quest for chic sleepwear that will actually ALLOW me to sleep I felt like I was fighting an uphill battle. Everywhere I looked - on the internet or my local mall, I came across the same genre impasse; comfy cozy frumpy or slinky sleazy crotchless (ok so that is a little dramatic). I would still be at the crossroads of confusion today if ONE inspiration had not entered my life.... BOARDWALK EMPIRE on HBO about Atlantic City during the 1920's.

Now before I go all prohibition on your ass I can explain my love for the show in three words - The. Wardrobe. Rocks. (and Steve Buscemi & crazy Paz de la Herta but this does not fall into my three word theme... hence the parenthesis). I know by using the word rocks detracts from the very point I am trying to make - that the 20's had the most beautiful and artfully done clothing, but it was the only word that came to mind... where is my Thesaurus? Not only are the dresses amazing, but the headwear, shoes and undergarmets. This show introduced me to something called "Step Ins" and romper style undergarmet that every woman during the time wore. Now I am not about to wear a romper to bed, as I toss and turn an incredible amount and I forsee myself choking to death in the spaghetti straps but it did give me an idea...

Vintage Slips as sleep wear.

The best source I have found for this is Etsy - more specifically Dancing Girl Press and Studio Shop . She has a beautiful collection of vintage slips and I plan on purchasing at least 2 in order to have sweet and stylish dreams.

I included below a visual aid in order to show you before/after... simplistic yet it gets the point across right? Plus, fashion "math" is the only math I know.

(boooooring is missing it's g.... thanks publisher.)

So there you go. Kait + Beer = Done.

Off to sleep, dream and feel glam.

What is Kait listening to at the moment?

Beautiful Music.

Until next time jerks.

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mrs.mfc said...

I'm also loving Boardwalk Empire AND the clothing!! When she was in the store trying on the "step-ins" I looked at Brandon and said: "" I was in love instantly!!