Tuesday, March 10, 2009

GRE attttttttttt

It is that time of the year... GRE time.

While I have avoided committing to taking it as a result of my indecisiveness surrounding my future (notice the intentional use of passive voice) it is time to suck it up. My spring is going to be chock full of prepping flash cards and memorizing all the vocabulary and math I thought I left behind in college. Thanks to a good friend of mine who just finished her perilous journey thorough the post-bachelor world of standardized tests I have half the work done for me; minus the studying. (damn).

Our exact conversation was:

Lisa: well i have flash cards i made and everything...you are set
and since you vocab is more extensive than mine, you will do great

My response:
me: ah no.. i operate on the premise that I need to fake it until I make it...


Melia said...

Well that certainly sounds like a fun spring. blah!

Desperately Seeking Seersucker said...

blech! can we still meet for drinks on the patio? you can bring your flash cards :)