Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It just has to be said.

Lauren Conrad of "The Hills" has her own clothing line. It is overpriced, uninspired and frankly booooooooring. Reports in the blogospear is that the line has failed and she is taking a few seasons off to "redesign" and "re-market" to add in more high fashion pieces.

I think she would have more success "redesigning" and "re-marketing" to strippers and college freshman as she has quite the knack for designing trashy cut out dresses as shown below.

Case in point: prominent pubic bone - never an attractive quality in a frock, even if it is grape purple.


Desperately Seeking Seersucker said...

holy sh*t! it looks like she was attacked by a bengal tiger :(

Melia said...

I think you have identified her true calling... designing for strippers and college freshman. It is sometimes hard to pinpoint a perfect target audience but I think you've got it.

jlmargs said...

I may be an awful shopper, but I was saddly disappointed when I stumbled across her line last year. And your right...totally overpriced.